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Mobile Price List
Brand Name Model Price
LG LG Optimus Hub E510 Rs.8208
LG LG Optimus L3 E400 Rs.6411
LG LG Optimus Net Dual P698 Rs.7911
LG LG A290 Rs.2862
LG LG Cookie Smart T375 Rs.4149
LG LG GB195 Rs.2238
LG LG Optimus L7 (LG-P705) Rs.14841
LG LG Optimus L3 Dual E405 -White Rs.7272
LG LG Optimus L5 E612 black Rs.10881
LG LG P880 Optimus 4X HD Rs.25731
LG LG E615 (Black) Rs.11871
LG LG Optimus L3 Dual E405 -Black Rs.7272
LG LG Optimus VU P895-Black Rs.27711
LG LG Optimus Black P970 Rs.15633
LG LG S310 Rs.3550
LG LG P500 THUNDER Rs.10450
LG LG C105 Rs.2950
LG LG GS108 Rs.990
LG LG C320 InTouch Lady Rs.6849
LG LG P970 Rs.19250
LG LG P990 Optimus 2X Rs.26850
LG LG E900 Optimus 7 Rs.24850
LG LG Optimus Pad Rs.24850
LG LG Optimus Me P350 Rs.7050
LG LG P520 Rs.6450
LG LG T310 Rs.4350
LG LG T325 Rs.6250
LG LG 6210 CDMA Rs.2750
LG LG 6300 CDMA Rs.4550
LG LG 6400 CDMA Rs.4350
LG LG GB175 With 2GB Memory card Rs.1050
LG LG Optimus 2X Rs.26850
LG LG Thrill 4G Rs.29850
LG LG GD910 Rs.37711
LG LG GX500 Rs.7850
LG LG GX300 Rs.4920
LG LG GT540 Optimus Rs.7350
LG LG GT350 Cookie Glide Rs.5850
LG LG GM360 Cookie snap Rs.5850
LG LG GD350 Rs.4750
LG LG GB110 Rs.1450
LG LG3100 Rs.1390
LG LG S5200 Rs.4420
LG LG S5000 Rs.6840
LG LG P7200 Rs.13840
LG LG M6100 Rs.4670
LG LG M4410 Rs.4670
LG LG KU990 Rs.18790
LG LG KT610 Rs.15690
LG LG KS660 Rs.7840
LG LG KS360 Rs.7750
LG LG KS20 Rs.16790
LG LG KP500 Cookie Rs.3850
LG LG KP320 Rs.3850
LG LG KP220 Rs.2450
LG LG KP200 Rs.3230
LG LG KP199 Rs.1850
LG LG KP175 Rs.1250
LG LG KP115 Rs.650
LG LG KP110 Rs.427
LG LG KP107b Rs.650
LG LG KP106 Rs.450
LG LG KM900 Arena Rs.17850
LG LG KM710 Rs.7350
LG LG KM501 Rs.9000
LG LG KM380 Rs.5850
LG LG KM335 Rs.4850
LG LG KG920 Rs.10100
LG LG KG800 Chocolate Rs.5490
LG LG KG370 Rs.2520
LG LG KG300 Rs.6770
LG LG KG288 Rs.550
LG LG KG276 Rs.550
LG LG KG275 Rs.1202
LG LG KG271 Rs.550
LG LG KG200 Rs.850
LG LG KG195 Rs.1850
LG LG KG130 Rs.2830
LG LG KG110 Rs.1680
LG LG KF750 Rs.18790
LG LG KF600 Rs.13290
LG LG KF510 Rs.10100
LG LG KF310 Rs.7276
LG LG KF240 Rs.7100
LG LG KE970 Rs.9800
LG LG KE820 Rs.7750
LG LG KE770 Rs.6720
LG LG KE590 Rs.7750
LG LG KE500 Rs.7750
LG LG KC550 Rs.15500
LG LG GX200 Rs.3500
LG LG GW620 Rs.10850
LG LG GW550 Rs.7850
LG LG GW525 Rs.7850
LG LG GW300 Rs.3450
LG LG GU285 Rs.4450
LG LG Gu220 Rs.2550
LG LG GT505 Rs.8850
LG LG GS500 Cookie Plus Rs.5850